Gidishop Nigeria’s online Market Place



Gidishop, Nigeria’s first interactive online market was incorporated in February 2011. With emphasis on providing a market for the sale of goods and services by entrepreneurs and small businesses. Gidishop is an avenue for people to trade products and services from any location.


The imperative to create a level playing ground for the unrelenting spirit of burgeoning entrepreneurs who decide to shun the ever-saturated job market further adds credence to the emergence of Gidishop as an online tool for wealth creation. Encouraging growth of start-up ventures and enabling flexible individuals, Gidishop provides a platform to reach out to willing collaborators and partners.


There are categories such as bags, watches, shoes, phones and electronics, for posting items on Gidishop for different types of goods, to enable a structured process for trading.


Visit and let us help you expand your world of opportunities. We believe in your ability to create wealth and together, we will make our goals a reality.