How to sell

You would find the tips below useful if you are looking for help on how to sell your product on gidishop.


About to Sell

• Search or browse using the search engine on the gidishop website, through similar items on Gidishop to know the methods used by other sellers to describe similar items and categories they typically upload pictures of similar items.


• Snap a digital photo items you want to sell, preferably on a white background to make it is clear, and upload extra pictures of the same item to give good description of item.


• It is advisable to include packaging and delivery cost in final price of item because customers always want to know total cost of what they are buying.


Ready to sell or advertise your product.

• Click on the Sell link at the top of any Gidishop page, this will direct you to the Sell page where you can upload pictures of products for sale. Type in the name of what you are selling in the space provided. You will now be guided through the selling and uploading process.


• You would be asked to register before you can upload and advertise your products. If you are not registered on Gidishop, you will be asked to register.


• Click the Sell Now link to start your business transactions.


• Items bought should be delivered at appropriate time and same product description detail. Track your sales and history My account so you know what stage of the business transaction you are.


• Email business customers regularly where  appropriate to enable great customer service. Follow up on any questions or concerns business customers have.


• You are now a Gidishop Seller………Congratulations!......Good luck in your transactions.



To find out more about how it's done, you can call team gidishop on 07529392653.


Want to sell on Gidishop but you are busy and you have no time.

Call Team Gidishop for an experienced Gidishop member to sell your products on your behalf. We can sell your products on your behalf and also pick the products up from your home.


Start Selling Now!!!

 How to sell.....