Customer Private Policy




This Customer Private Policy shall apply to all registered users of Gidishop. This Customer Private Policy details the manner in which we use and protect your personal information.

Gidishop’s services are provided by Gidishop Ltd. Our services may be used any time without registration. The information and data you give to us is collected, processed and stored solely by Gidishop, in accordance with the legal regulations of our database and servers currently located in the United Kingdom.

To trade on Gidishop, you will need to register on Gidishop. For this registeration, you will need to provide a user name and a password, which then gives you access to trade on Gidishop. We may request some personal information from you to enable you take part in certain areas of Gidishop’s services. By agreeing to these terms, you accept that we are permitted to collect and store your information in this manner. This permission can be withdrawn at any point in time you choose to by terminating your relationship with us.


Collection of Information

Your personal information might be needed when using our services; this is required to enable us properly identify you. With your permission, this personal information is stored and processed by Gidishop when you register and when you buy or sell items using Gidishop. Your bank account or credit/debit card details might be collected where necessary to enable payment processing.

Personal data also include your IP address when you buy and sell. The duration for storing this data is left to the discretion of Gidishop and its internal policies.


Usage of Information

Information such as name, username, address, phone number, email address etc. are used solely for business interactions on Gidishop, such as, as to enable buyers and sellers communicate and to facilitate the delivery of goods. We might need your bank account details to facilitate payments of your business transactions. We may also use your information to also inform you on important updates, promotions and allow third parties to update or rectify Gidishop services.



Communication by e-mails

When you register with Gidishop, we use the avenue to inform you of any changes to our website.


Personal Data and Third Parties

Personal information may be accessed by third parties when necessary to enable business transactions, update and rectify Gidishop services. Our third parties comply strictly to data protection laws and regulations. We may request your permission to allow third parties to access this information. Please note that where the law requires your permission to grant access to your personal information, by accepting these terms, you give us permission to grant access to your personal information.

Correcting Personal Data

Users of Gidishop are allowed to edit their personal information at any time.


Terminating Your Account

You can terminate your account with us at any time and thereby revoke your consent to store and process your information on our database and servers.



Cookies might be used on Gidishop to enable better communication and interaction between you and our website. Cookies allow customisation and help us identify what you are most interested in on our website. However, you can choose to allow or not allow the use of cookies.



Your user name and password are your personal security to access your account so that access is only permitted by you. You are not permitted to transfer or give any other party access to your account. You accept that you would not hold Gidishop liable for any loss or damage that you may incur when you do not sign out or log out of your account.  You also accept that you would not hold Gidishop liable for any loss or damage that you may incur from granting third parties access to your account.

Gidishop would not use your email address for any other purpose apart from those stated in the User Agreement and Customer Private Policy. We would not sell your email address to third parties.



Changes to Policy

Gidishop would inform you when we make changes to this policy by email or by any other communication method.


By registering, using our services and accepting these terms and conditions on the Gidishop User Agreement, as well as the Gidishop Customer Private Policy, we (Gidishop, its employees, members, family and agents) would not be liable for any loss or damages you may incur from the use of Gidishop.