Customer User Agreement


Gidishop user agreement applies to users registering on or after May 2011 as from the date of registration. Gidishop offers users access, to its services based on the following terms in the customer user agreement.



Gidishop welcomes you to its online market, the terms and conditions apply to services provided by our online market.  By using the services provided on Gidishop websites you are agreeing to the terms and conditions, provided on the website as well as those available by hyperlink. For questions you may have, please contact us by sending us a message. Read and accept all of the terms and conditions linked to the customer user agreement as well as the linked informations, on the website before you become a member of Gidishop. On the condition that you accept the customer user agreement you also agree that the use of some Gidishop related websites may be ruled by a different customer user agreement and policy. The customer user agreement forms a legal agreement between you and Gidishop.

Gidishop Permit.


The following are rules you would follow while using Gidishop, you are not allowed to Use the website:
• If you are below the age of 18 years and if you do not accept the customer user agreement
• If  your Gidishop membership has been terminated or suspended.
• To upload items for sale, at wrong categories on our website
• To violate any law, sell any fake item, contravene the copyright rule, trade name or trade mark or other rights of third parties.


Users are not allowed to
• Intentionally or unintentionally fail to deliver items paid for unless buyers have failed to pass the seller requirement or buyers identity cannot be authenticated. Sellers and buyers are advised to hold proofs of business transactions.
• Upload false, deceptive and defamatory content.
• Gidishop user accounts and user informations are not allowed to be transferred.
• Gather information concerning users, without permission.

Registering as a business organisation or company on Gidishop, you signify that you   have the right to legally bind the organisation or company. Therfore if you trade as an individual, an organisation or a company on Gidishop you must comply to the laws relating to the Gidishop customer user agreement and online trading laws.

Gidishop has the right to amend, terminate unofficial or unconfirmed and inactive accounts that have not been operational for a long period of time or to put an end to the Gidishop site. On this event, you agree that Gidishop would not be held responsible for losses you may incur because of this action.


Inappropriate use of Gidishop


You are welcomed to report the inappropriate use of our services, report problems, defamatory, offensive content as well as policy violations to Gidishop. On the instance, that your intellectual property rights are breached, inform us and due processes would be taken for investigation. If the use of our website services have been violated we reserve the right to terminate or suspend your account in addition to that, legal actions may or would be taken against you. On this event, you agree that Gidishop would not be held responsible for losses you may incur because of this action

Gidishop would not accept unwelcomed commercial communications. Automatical examination, manually sorting and scanning of email messages sooner than they are sent to receivers through our interaction tools may be done. Messages sent to Gidishop members or users are not permanently stored by us or even used for advertising and marketing purposes.

Gidishop cannot assure you that users will acknowledge the privacy and security of your information, for this reason we encourage you to assess the privacy and security policies of your business transaction before committing to transact and to share information.

As you accept these terms, you agree to acknowledge user information with respecting their privacy and policies only in agreement with linked laws and regulations of online trading and you are responsible to penalties you may incur if you go against those laws.




Using our services and becoming a member of Gidishop is free for now but for future references we might charge you for certain services later in future. Users would be notified if changes are going to be made in future. Only otherwise stated our fees are transacted in Nigerian Naira.




When you post items and send information (using our services) on Gidishop, you give us an undivided, non-exclusive, international, unending, irretrievable, irrevocable royalty fee, with a sub licensable permission and right to execute all related copyright, trademarks, publicity and intellectual property rights of the material you possess in content, in any existing media unknown, known now or in the future. Additionally, you give up all rights you have in content of the material to the most extent allowed by law.


Gidishop business liabilities


We would not be held responsible by you for any loss or damages that may arise when we make decisions, as regards to the inappropriate use of Gidishop services as stated above or for damages from other users action by using our website services for things they upload on the site. Our site is just an avenue for trading which provides an interactive online market service for the sale of goods and services by small businesses and business minded individuals. In other words our site provides anyone with services or avenue to sell or buy anything from any location. We do not have control or ownership of anything sold on Gidishop website and do not have possession of anything uploaded on the website at any point in time.

Due to the fact that we do not have possession of any of the items uploaded or listed on the site, we are not involved in the business transactions between sellers and buyers. We do not guarantee the originality, quality, legality of items posted, listed, uploaded or advertised on our website. We do not have control over the ability of the buyer to actually pay or buy the item and for the seller to actually sell the item; in essence we do not have control over the nature or process of the business transaction.

Gidishop, its employees, affiliates, agents, members and family relatives would not be accountable to you in tort or negligence for any business losses for use or inability to use our website.

You accept that you would not hold Gidishop responsible for damages that may occur as we do not guarantee continuous access into our site services which may be due to some uncontrolled reasons like website update etc and you accept total legality of your business transactions and other related actions related to things you upload or advertise on our site.


User disputes


On the occasion that you have disagreement with any of the users of Gidishop, we would not be responsible for any damages you might incur and you also free or discharge us of from any claims and damages.




Gidishop would not give out, lease or sell your personal information without your permission, to third parties for any marketing purposes. Information would be used as described in the ***GIDISHOP PRIVATE POLICY***. Informations are stored and accessed through computers and security networks based in the United Kingdom. If there is any reason to object to the way we use and access your personal information please do not use our services (Gidishop).  




You agree that you would not use Gidishop services in any way that would conflict with our rules and laws contained in this agreement. Compensations would be made in full to Gidishop, its employees, relatives, business partners, agents and third parties for losses we might incurred when you abuse our services. The compensations would also include legal fees we might incur as a result of the breach by you to our user agreement.




You agree that the rules and laws governed by Gidishop do not apply to our partners, agents, joint ventures, franchise. Our partners, agents, joint ventures and franchise have their own rules and regulations which you shall adhere and comply to when you are transacting with them.




In case of any improvements or changes to our policies, Gidishop would send a mail to you to the email address you provide during registration process.




If a disagreement arises between you (users) and Gidishop, we advise you to first contact us directly and send us a message. We promise that disputes would be resolved as soon as possible. Disagreements arising in relation with Agreements would be governed by the laws of Nigeria.

Policies may be changed later at intervals in future and uploaded on Gidishop site.


Common information.


On the occasion that if any condition in this agreement is supposed to be inapplicable or invalid or unenforceable, that condition would be removed from list and the remaining conditions would be applied or enforced.

We have the power to reassign the rights, commitments and obligation of Gidishop user agreement, if we assign the user agreement on the same conditions or conditions more beneficial to you. You accept that we can assign our rights without your consent.

It is not assured that we would prosecute or initiate all actions that go against or breach our laws and rules in the agreement. If we do not act against all breaches in our agreement does not mean that we give up our rights to take action against you and other breaches.

Messages might be sent through emails to notify users of our services for a modified Gidishop user agreement and its terms on the website. Please contact us for any questions concerning the user agreement.

By registering, using our services and accepting these terms and conditions on the Gidishop user agreement as well as the Gidishop customer private policy, we (Gidishop, its employees, members, family and agents) would not be liable for any loss or damages you may incur.